Profile/Section/Angle/Plate Roll Bending Machine 8V3 Series


CNC Section/Tube/Plate Roll Bender 8V3 Series – World’s 1st Y shafts stroke in/out for 3D and asymmetrical bending

iNFEME 8V3 series CNC high precision roll bender was first purposed developed to roll bend car roof rail aluminium profiles, especially those require 2 plane bending. It’s unique feature of lower 2 shafts travelling in and out make it ideal way of bending asymmetrical sections to obtain perfect quality.

Available in 2 driving forces i.e. 12 ton & 25 ton, and each comes with servo electric and hydraulic.

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Pipe Roller Bender Features

CNC Control Software Hardware
  • Smart CNC, easy to learn
  • Up to 27 radii per bar
  • Up to 36-pass roll forming
  • DXF file upload
  • Control of tangents
  • S curve, Ellipse, spline and spiralling bending tools
  • Pressure calculator
  • Roller design assit
  • Spring back calculator
  • Automatic positioning of bends
  • 15 inch touch screen IPC & movable control panel
  • Vertical and horizontal working position
  • Work bench precisely machined from one whole piece of cast iron and heat treated
  • X&Y shaft repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
  • 3 shafts individually driven
  • Roller speed infinitely adjustable
  • Automatic lubrication of conveyors
  • Automatic switch off hydraulics
  • Clash protection of rollers
  • Servo electric & servo hydraulic
  • Left and/or right photoelectric position detector


CNC Roll Bender Specifications

8V3-12T 8V3-25T
Standard Premium Standard Premium
Pressing power 12 ton 12 ton 25 ton 25 ton
Positioning accuracy servo controlled 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Drive system Hydraulic Servo hydralic Hydraulic Servo hydralic
Stroke(controlled) 150mm 150mm 260mm 260mm
Hydraulic oil volume 9 litres 9 litres 18 litres 18 litres
All 3 rollers individually driven Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infinitely adjustable roller speed 1- 30 rpm 1- 30 rpm 1- 22 rpm 1- 22 rpm
Maximum torque per roller 550Nm 550Nm 1600Nm 1600Nm
Drive system of rollers Electric motors Servo hydraulic Electric motors Servo hydraulic
Shaft height 180mm 180mm 330mm 330mm
Shaft diamter 50mm 50/60mm 80mm 80/100mm
Roller support Series Series Series Series
Lower roller spacing 180-390mm 180-390mm 280-760mm 280-760mm
Manual Series Series Series Series
PC controlled, positioning accuracy 0.01mm Series Series Series Series
Stroke(controlled) 40MM 40MM 50MM 50MM
Power connection 380V 50Hz 16.3A 380V 50Hz 16.3A 380V 50Hz 28.7A 380V 50Hz 28.7A
Length/width/height 1750*800*1750 1750*800*1750 2040*1200*2200 2040*1200*2200

Note: Technical data, capacities and specifications are not binding and may be modified without prior notice

Tube Roller Bender Bending capacity

8V3-12T 8V3-25T
mm R min. mm R min.
Round tube 2”(60) 300 4”(114) 600
Square tube 50/50/3 300 160/160/3 1000
Angle(leg-out) 50/50/5 300 80/80/8 600
Flat bar(easy way) 100/10 150 300/15 300
Flat bar(hard way) 70/12 300 120/15 1000
Solid round 30 150 60 500
Solid sqaure 30/30 150 60/60 500
C-Channel(easy way) UNP80 400 UNP180 600
C-Channel(hard way) UNP80 400 UNP180 600
T-Channel(easy way) 60/60/7 400 80/80/8 500
T-Channel(hard way) 60/60/7 400 80/80/8 500

Note: The minimum radii shown may require Multi-Pass.


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